Monitoring Network

Monitoring helps to visualize failures, hits, issues such as speed, hits and working time. Monitoring helps maximize network efficiency and productivity.


Access Control

With the increasing computerization of business processes, in addition to the productivity factor, network traffic needs to be balanced so that the systems that run it do not be slow to who is using.

Corporate Firewall

An integrated firewall is a key feature of a new, highly secure network. Networks support critical, confidential applications, process, and provide the industry's best technology infrastructure.


Ensure business continuity with enterprise redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities.

Wireless Network Security

Make your WLAN as secure as your wired network. Protect wireless connections as well as inspect and clean up wireless traffic.

Data Flow Control

The only tool that can effectively control data flow is the next-generation firewall (UTM), blocking submissions or releasing them only to authorized users.

Virtual Personal Network (VPN)

Establish an extensive and secure VPN that is easy to manage and administer, which provides remote access and management capabilities for organizations of any size.

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