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Network Security Firewall

Comprehensive threat prevention - at multi-gigabite speeds for networks of all sizes.

The presence of Firewall is absolutely essential for any company today. It protects the company's IT environment from cyber attacks, server destruction and data theft, as well as optimizing the use of the Internet link and making it cheaper.

Main functions:

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An integrated, high-performance threat prevention platform for small / medium organizations and distributed businesses.

Small business


Block the security rich with the best Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall for small businesses, retail deployments, distribution companies, remote locations, and branch offices. Provide high performance intrusion prevention, malware blocking, content / URL filtering, application control capabilities, and more.

Medium Business

Deliver industry-leading security, reliability, and performance for distributed businesses, small to midsize businesses, branch offices, school campuses, and government agencies. Minimize deployment costs and complexity with a single security appliance that integrates multiple technologies.



Scalable, next-generation security that harnesses the power of cloud intelligence.

Big companies

Ensure the protection, performance and scalability needed for today's enterprise infrastructure of more than 10 Gigabit. Save rack space and reduce power and cooling costs with a high core density architecture in a single rack equipment.

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